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"The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit."
Joseph H. Pilates (1880 - 1967)

Avon Pilates is run by Debbie Greaves. Debbie qualified with Body Control Pilates® in 2004 whilst living in Cornwall and has successfully ran classes there until 2015.

Now living in Rode, between Frome and Bath, Debbie currently teaches pilates matwork classes around Bath and in the Frome area.  She has a small well equipped Pilates Studio in Rode where she teaches small private classes using the Reformer, Tower, Chair and Pilates Arc. In addition, she teaches mat and group equipment classes at the Pure Moves Pilates Studio in Frome and at the New Body Barn Studio in Devizes. 


Debbies Qualifications include:

  • Body Control Pilates® intermediate & advanced level mat work.  Beginners and Intermediate Reformer, Chair and Ladder Barrel
  • Supervising teacher for Body Control Pilates® Education
  • Level 3 Pilates Instructor on the Register of Exercise Professionals

Her experience of pilates during rehabilitation after a serious accident 13 years ago led her to a change in career. Her personal experience of the rehabilitation process enabled her to relate to movement impairment due to both actual pain, and also anticipated pain. This first hand knowledge of injury has shown her how important it is to re-establish functional movement throughout the whole body as soon as possible.

Whilst in Cornwall Debbie also worked in a community hospital on an Elderly Care Ward working alongside Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to establish rehabilitation programmes for elderly patients.

“I firmly believe that all exercise should be relevant to your mental and bodily requirements and it should be fun! I hope my classes allow you to develop awareness of your strengths, weaknesses and imbalances and so assist you to move at your full potential. I expect you to fully participate in classes so you understand why you are doing each exercise, and also understand each variation that I might suggest to tailor the movement to you specifically. Above all I want you to enjoy what you are doing so you continue to practice pilates yourself outside of class.”
Debbie Greaves


About Body Control Pilates

The Body Control Pilates Association is widely seen as a quality standard for Pilates teaching. All members of the Association adhere to a strict code of practise to ensure the highest teaching standards and professional ethics. Members are required to continue their development and knowledge through further annual training. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through BCPA membership presents the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced teachers from around the world.

Pilates is a safe and effective form of exercise and should only be taught by a fully qualified teacher. You are encouraged to check the Register of Exercise Professionals to confirm the validity of an instructor's credentials.If you would like to speak to Debbie or book a class please don't hesitate to contact her

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